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Z-Lasik Surgery Recovery Time

Z-Lasik has very little downtime. Most of our patients are able to drive, work, and go out and socialize as soon as the next day after their procedure. The only recovery process is right after your surgery during the next 4-8 hours. Your doctor will want you to go home and sleep. If you do not sleep you may experience some eye irritation from the drops put in during the procedure.

Procedures can be done throughout the day to minimize your time away from school or work.

Things you should be able to do the next day after your Z-Lasik procedure


Use Your Computer



Watch TV


Things you should NOT do right after your Z-Lasik procedure

All Z-Lasik patients are given detailed written and oral instructions on expectations and limitations after your Z-LASIK surgery by Dr. Carlos Manrique de Lara. Here are some of the things you will need to avoid after Z-LASIK surgery:

No Eye Rubbing

(5 Days)

No ceiling Fan

(5 Days)

No Make Up

(5 Days)

The most important thing to remember after your Z-Lasik procedure is to use your eye drops exactly as specified by your Z-LASIK doctor to help with your recovery.

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