What our Patients are saying

“I want to thank Dr. Manrique for giving me better vision than I expected."

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus

“I didn't think I could read again without glasses and contacts.“

Randy Caroll, KJ97

“No glasses, no contacts, no problem. You can do it, too, with Dr. Manrique!“

Jenny Lee, Magic 105.3

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Blade-free, Worry-Free Lasik

“I love being on my A game. I strive for perfection and helping my team win. I love the feeling of pleasing the fans. The Z-Lasik performed by Dr. Manrique has helped me perform to the level I am used to playing at without squinting! Go to Manrique Custom Vision to get your Super Star Vision like I did. Thanks Doc.”

Danny Green

“Being in movies, a sports announcer, and a whale trainer I need perfect vision. The only thing I can tell you is DON’T wait like I did. I checked out all the doctors and Dr. Manrique was the best for me. Thanks for letting me throw away my glasses and contacts, Doc!”

Chuck Curreau

TV Personality

“I want to thank Dr. Manrique for giving me better vision than I expected.”

William McManus

San Antonio Police Chief

“I still believe in Miracles. It’s a new vision of the world.”

Rev. Msgr. Juan Nicolau, Ph.D., STL,


“De las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida! One of the best decisions I have taken in my life! Life should not be a struggle with contacts! Muchisimas gracias Dr Manrique”

Perla Montemayor

Weather Anchor – TV personality

“Being a Country Music Performer I need to see my guitar and the crowd. For years I couldn’t see anything clearly even with glasses on. Now I rock your world with some great country music because I can see clearly without my glasses.

Thanks Dr. Manrique for letting me see the world in HD !!”

Tracy Lawrence

““No glasses, no contacts, no problem. You can do it, too, with Dr. Manrique!!”

Jennie Lee

Magic 105.3

“I didn’t think I could read again without glasses and contacts.”

Randy Carroll


“Dealing with contacts and glasses while on the pageants was such a hassle. I am so grateful to Dr Manrique for giving me my vision back!”

Ylianna Guerra

Miss Texas USA/ Miss USA Runner up

“My son convinced me to come from New jersey to do my Z-Lasik with Dr. Manrique, I couldn’t see near or distance. After the procedure I slept a few hours and now I see everything like I did in my 20s. Thanks Dr. Manrique for giving me back my vision without glasses.!!!”

Danny Green Sr.

“Playing Professional Baseball as a catcher I need perfect vision. Contacts bothered me because of the dust and if I got hit they would move around and I couldn’t see well. Thank you Dr. Manrique for making it possible for me to excel at my job and not having to worry about seeing the world clearly!!!!”

Tres Barrera

At Manrique Custom Vision you are treated like family!

Dr. Manrique believes in LASIK Surgery for laser vision correction so much that he has performed this procedure on most of his family.

When you visit Manrique Custom Vision, we thank you for your trust and treat you like family.

Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan
Best place to get 20/20 vision. It took less then 5 minutes to change my world . I could see perfectly, color, depth, clarity and I still do after 5 years. Manrique changed my life and inhaned my opportunities. Thank you 🙏🏻🇺🇲
Chris Lumsden
Chris Lumsden
I wanted to wait a few weeks until writing a review. The entire process is practically painless including the financials. Everything is explained throughout the entire process, and the procedure is over in 3 minutes. I now have better than 20/20 vision for distance
My close vision was so bad that I was using readers to read normal 10 pt. size print. After the initial consult, it was decided that the best option for me was the blended LASIK procedure. This procedure will allow me to see distance along with the ability to read small print.The staff members are friendly and take time to answer questions. I never felt rushed or that I was asking too many questions.Basically a three step process for me. First visit: Eyes were tested. Second visit: Eyes were dilated, financing set, and surgery appt set. Third visit: LASIK surgery. Procedure was completed in less than 5 minutes. Not painful at all for me.Immediately after surgery when setting the follow up appt. I was able to read the smallest text on a business card. I went home and slept as per instructions. After waking up in the evening, my eyes were very scratchy feeling and were not comfortable keeping open. (The feeling was like having five to six eye lashes in your eye at once, very scratchy). I followed the instructions and times for placing the eye drops (steroids and antibiotics), so when I woke up at three o’clock in the morning, the scratchy feeling was completely gone.It is now a week later after the lasik eye surgery. My eyes feel good, still getting use to it my mind is still learning to adjust to far and near. I’m able to drive just fine, although at night it’s very different with lights being seen as if I’m looking at a burst from a fire work. This is getting better with time, which is exactly what the staff told me would happen. I’m very happy and pleased that I made the decision to do this procedure. Dr. Manrique has a gift and is very good at what he does. He has a professional and friendly staff who are very smart.Currently it is now 7 weeks after my eye surgery. My eyes are adjusting well. I love that I don’t have to wear readers anymore and have extra readers at work, at home, in the car, in my purse.... !!! My eyes are learning to see together with both long and close distance. At night time I do see a halo effect from on coming traffic but each time I drive at night the halo effect diminishes.During the day my vision is getting better as well with seeing distance.I definitely have no regrets with getting this procedure done and would do it all over again!
Ernesto Guerra
Ernesto Guerra
The staff was very helpful Dr. Was very helpful didn’t feel anything thank you to the staff and dr. Highly recommend

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